2010 News

CALA SE 2010 Election Announcement

Please find the PDF file of the 2010 election accouncement for our chapter.

Welcome Our New Member

Jenny Wang, a Cataloging Librarian for Savannah college of Art and Design library in Atlanta, GA, joined CALA SE Chapter. Jenny has been working there for 6 years. Before that, she worked as a Technical Service Librarian at Brooklyn Botanical Garden library for 3 years. Jenny got her MLS from the University of Kentucky Library School. Welcome, Jenny!

Welcome Our New Members

Two new members joined our chapter – Yanjuan Zou and Brian Leaf. Yanjuan is currently a graduate student in MLS program at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is also working as an Assistant Librarian in UNC Highway Safety Research Center. Her study areas are digital library and special librarianship. Brian is currently in the Master of Library Science program at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Welcome, Yanjuan and Brian!

CALA Southeast Chapter 2010 Annual Report

Please check out CALA Southeast Chapter 2010 Annual Report prepared by Mr. Lili Li, the President of SE chapter for 2009-2010.

Luo Zhou and her co-authors Haihui Zhang and Yingzi Zeng published a book titled Classical Chinese Poems and Their Western Translations: Extensive Indexes to Recent Renderings by National Library of China Publishing House in 2009.

2008 News

December 2008

Professional Activities Updates of SE Chapter Members!

Dr. Chih Wang was selected and included in Who’s Who in America, 2009, for which his name was placed on the headline of the online World Journal, 081308  (A briefing was sent to CALA Newsletter for Fall, 2008). He is also admitted to Chinese-American Academic and Professional Association in Southeastern United States and participated in its 32nd Annual Conference held in Atlanta, GA on July 25-27, 2008. He also wrote and put out several Chinese essays:
“Kuam’s Andrew Wang.”  Part 1.  Atlanta Chinese News. November 14, 2008.  A8. (“觀島王科長。” A.  美國僑治亞州: 《亞特蘭大新 聞。》 二00八年十一月十四日,A8。
http://www.atlantachinesenews.com/News/2008/11/11- 14/ATL_P08.pdf)

“Kuam’s Andrew Wang.”  Part 2.  Atlanta Chinese News.  November 21, 2008.  A8. (“觀島王科長。” B. 美國僑治亞州: 《亞特蘭大新聞。》 二00八年十一月二十一日,A8。http://www.atlantachinesenews.com/News/2008/11/11-21/ATL_P08.pdf
“Review of The Philosophy of Lao Chang by Lao She.”  Atlanta Chinese News.  October 24, 2008,  A8. (“簡介老舍著《老張的哲學。》” 美國僑治亞州: 《亞 特蘭大新聞。》 二00八年十月二十四日,A8。
http://www.atlantachinesenews.com/News/2008/10/10-24/ATL_P08.pdf )

“Mom Yang Has Gone!–An Essay In memory of Mrs. Yang.”  Atlanta Chinese News.  August 15, 2008.  A8 (“麗伯母走了!” 美國僑治亞州:《亞特蘭大新聞。》 二00八年八月十五日,A8。 )

“Noise on Green Cards.”  Atlanta Chinese News.  July 11, 2008.  A8. (“綠卡、綠卡。” 美國僑治亞州: 《亞特蘭大新聞。》 二00八年七月十一日,A8。 )

“Mom Sun Always in Our Memory.”  New Song Journal. 70 (May 2008).  23-24. (“住在耶和華的殿中,永遠到永遠 — 點點滴滴懷念孫奶 奶。” 美國僑州亞城華人基督教會: 《新歌。》 70 (二00八年五月,) 23-24。)

“The Tale of Genji:  Reading and Excerpt.”  Atlanta Chinese News.  November 16, 2007.  C2; November 23, 2007.  A9. ( “紫式部著《源氏物語》英譯本簡介。” 美國僑治亞州:
《亞特蘭大新聞。》 二00七年十一月十六日,C2;二00 七年十一月二十三日,A9。)

Dr. Chih Wang

Dr. Chih Wang

Dr. Shali Zhang, as a principal investigator and project director with the University Libraries and the Department of Library and Information Studies at University of North Carolina at Greensboro,  received a federal grant of $862,000 from the IMLS Laura Bush 21st century Librarian Program. The grant fund will help recruit twelve ethnic minority students into a two-year masters degree at the library and information science program at UNCG (http://www.uncg.edu/ure/news/stories/2008/jun/imls062608.htm). She also presented a lecture at the Chinese Librarians Summer Program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, “Collection Management and Challenges at U.S. University Libraries.” In September 2008, Dr. Zhang presented a paper at the Third Reforma National Conference in El Paso, Texas, “Equal Higher Educational Opportunity for All: a Survey on State Legislature Actions for Undocumented Students.”  She contributed a paper to the 2008 Annual Conference of the Library Society of China held in Chongqing, China, “Recruiting Content for Institutional Repositories: A Case at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.”  The paper received the first Prize Award from the conference (http://www.lsc.org.cn/CN/News/2008 10/EnableSite_ReadNews1120725861225209600.html). She gave a presentation at the 2008 Annual Conference of the Library Society of China held in Chongqing, China, “CALA Volunteering Projects,” on behalf of CALA. Dr. Zhang represented CALA to participate in the 2008 Annual Conference of the Library Society of China held in Chongqing, China (http://www.lsc.org.cn/CN/News/2008-10/EnableSite_ReadNews1120725731225209600.html).

Dr. Shali Zhang

Sha-Li Zhang

Mr. Lili Li, has recently published a new book “Emerging Technologies for Academic Libraries in the Digital Age” (Chandos Publishing (Oxford) Ltd, 2008).On October 22, 2008, Mr. Li presented a paper entitled “Evolving Library Information Services in the Digital Age” at the 4th Shanghai International Library Forum 2008 (SILF 2008).

Professor Hanrong Wang & Carley Suther. “Modern Distance Education in China: Developments, Challenges &  Trends” in Education in China: 21st Century Issues and Challenges, NOVA Publication, 2008.

Welcome Our New Members

Luo Zhou and Xiaorong Shao joined CALA SE chapter. Luo is the Chinese Studies Librarian at the Duke University Libraries and Xiaorong works as a Cataloger and Reference Librarian at Appalachian State University. Welcome, Luo and Xiaorong!
November 2008

Congratulations to LiLi Li on his New Book !

LiLi book

Our Chapter member, Mr. Lili Li, who is currently acting as the Vice President of CALA SE Chapter, has recently published a new book “Emerging Technologies for Academic Libraries in the Digital Age” (Chandos Publishing (Oxford) Ltd, 2008).

Here’s an excerpt from the Editorial Reviews: “This book is written to promote academic strategic management and envision future innovations for academic library resources, services and instructions in the digital age. It provides academic executives, consultants, instructors, IT specialists, librarians, LIS students, managers, trainers and other professionals with the latest information for developing trends of emerging technologies applied to student-centred and service-oriented academic learning environments.”

Congrats Lili!!
Welcome Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee to the SE Chapter!

Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee

The SE Chapter is privileged to have Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee, former Chief of the Asian Division at the Library of Congress, and Dean Emeritus of Ohio University Libraries, join our chapter as a life member of CALA upon his recent relocation to Jacksonville, Florida from Washington, DC.

Dr. Lee is a name not only familiar to the Chinese American librarian community, but to many librarians across cultural and national boundaries. In his over 40 year career as a librarian, Dr. Lee has held many positions, working through the ranks from an acquisitions librarian at the University of Pittsburgh to become the first among very few Chinese American librarians to serve as the dean of a major acdamic library. After his retirement from Ohio University, Dr. Lee assumed the position of Chief of the Asian Division of Library of Congress in 2003 and held this distinguished position till the March of 2008.

Welcome, Dr. Lee! We sincerely wish you and your family enjoy the beautiful sunshine in Florida and believe that our relatively young chapter will benefit immensely from your membership in the days to come! (Some content excerpted from Dr. Lee’s curriculum vitae posted on the U.S. China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC) website : http://www.uscc.gov/bios/2005bios/05_09_15bios/lee_hwa-wei.htm)
June 2008

Welcome Our New Member

Diane Chen, a library information specialist for John F. Kennedy Middle School in Nashville, TN, joned CALA SE Chapter. Diane is currently an ALA Councilor 2007-2010 and was elected to the ALA Executive Board 2008-2011. She is also serving as American Association of School Librarian Director-Elect of Region 4. Want to learn more about Diane? Check out her personal blog “Practically Paradise” at http://www.schoollibraryjournal.com/practicallyparadise Welcome, Diane!
February 2008 (Happy Chinese New Year to all members!)

2008 CALA SE Chapter Annual Conference Presentation Slides

For those members who missed this morning’s webconference, you can find the slides for the two presentations here:

Advancing Library Information Services in China (Presenter: Mr. Lili Li)

Embedded Librarians: A Recent Trend in Academic Libraries. (Presenter: Ms. Carley E. Suther)

2008 CALA SE Chapter Annual Conference (Important notice)

Dear SE Chapter Members,

This is a friendly reminder that the Southeast Chapter Online Annual Conference is scheduled to be held from 9:00am – 11:00am (Eastern Time) on Feb 29, 2008 (Friday). The Presentations will be:

Lili Li, Advancing Library Information Services in China

Carley E. Suther, Embedded Librarians: A Recent Trend in Academic Libraries.

To join the conference, you can either go directly here:


Or go to https://www.webconference.com/joinmeeting.htm Username is CONF4334303 and leave the Password box blank.

Please note that this web conference product can only be run at Internet Explorer, so please switch to IE for the meeting if you normally use Firefox as your browser. Also, a software will start to be downloaded automatically when you visit the page above, so please join the meeting a couple of minutes ahead of time to allow the software properly downloaded.

Thank you all for your participation in advance and looking forward to meeting each of you on Feb. 29, 2008!

Your webmaster

Call for Presenters

The CALA SE Chapter is planning to hold its 2008 annual conference on Feb. 29 (Friday), 9:00-11:00am at eastern time. The Vyew product (http://www.vyew.com) will be used to hold this online real-time conference. We are currently calling for presenters for this upcoming conference. You can find more detailed information by clicking here(in Word) or here(in PDF). Thank you for your participation in advance!
Welcome Our New Members

Sophie Dong and Yanjuan Zhu joined CALA SE chapter. Sophie is the Serials Cataloging Librarian at the University of Georgia Libraries and Yanjuan is a graduate student in the master’s program at University of North Carolina, Greensboro. Welcome, Sophie and Yanjuan!