2015 News

Call for Entries

Do you have an exciting project, research, idea, or experience that you would like to share with your colleagues?  The Chinese American Librarian Association Southeast Chapter Annual Program is a great opportunity to showcase your recent research, unique innovations, and solutions to problems. The theme of this year is SHARING-LEARNING-INSPIRING.

You are invited to enter the poster contest this year.  Any topic relevant to the development of librarianship is welcome. Possible topics could be as follows:

  • Collaboration projects between China and America, among peer institution, or within local community
  • Current trends of academic/public libraries in the digital age

The maximum poster size is 42 inches wide x 42 inches tall. See http://www.makesigns.com/tutorials/poster-sizing.aspx for size suggestions.

Selection criteria:

  • Relevance to annual program theme
  • Originality, innovation and effective practice
  • Audience appeal
  • Clarity of expression, eye catching design

All Chapter members will have chance to select your favorite poster(s). The winner poster will be awarded:

  • A $50 iTunes  gift card (In case of a tie, winners will split the rewards)
  • The poster will be recommended and presented at the 2015 ALA Annual Conference/ CALA national poster section.

Please email your poster to me at tang@jsu.edu by May 15, 2015.

Yingqi Tang

CALA SE Chapter President


New Officer Announcement


Dear CALA SE Chapter members,

I am Xiaojie Duan, the Southeast Chapter President of 2015-2016. I am glad to announce two new officers of our chapter below:

Peng Mu               Membership officer        2015-17

Wenzhi Cai           Webmaster                     2015-16

Thank you two for your willingness of serving CALA Southeast Chapter!

We are still looking forward to people who would like to serve the Chapter as the treasure. Please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime if any of you have the interest of serving the Chapter.

Thank you for your participation!

Yours sincerely,

Xiaojie Duan

Xiaojie Duan, M.L.I.S.

CALA Southeast Chapter President 2015-16

2015-2016 Officers


Xiaojie Duan, University of Southern Mississippi Libraries, xiaojie.duan@usm.edu

Vice President

Sai Deng, University of Central Florida, sai.deng@ucf.edu


Yingqi Tang, Jacksonville State University, tang@jsu.edu


Sai Deng, University of Central Florida, sai.deng@ucf.edu

Membership Officer

Peng Mu, Samford University, pmu@samford.edu


Wenzhi Cai, University of South Carolina, wenzhi418@gmail.com

2014-2015 Officers


Yingqi Tang, Houston Cole Library, tang@jsu.edu

Vice President



Ying Zhang, ying.zhang@ucf.edu


Sai Deng, sai.deng@ucf.edu

Membership Officer

Huimin Lu, jjhmlu@gmail.com

Web Manager

Xiaojie Duan, xiaojie.duan@usm.edu


2014-2015 Membership Liaisons

Alabama — Yingqi Tang

Florida — Zhao Liu

Georgia — TBA

Mississipi — Xiaojie Duan

North Carolina — TBA

South Carolina — Liya Deng

Tennessee — Lin Wu

2014 News

CALA Southeast Chapter 2014 Vice President Election Result

After the CALA SE Chapter Vice President Committee sent out the election emails to 30 CALA SE Chapter members, the committee received 20 votes, 4 didn’t choose or didn’t finish, 16 voted for Xiaojie Duan, so that’s 53% support.

The Committee announced that Xiaojie Duan will be the Vice President of the CALA Southeast Chapter. The Committee also thanks very much for the hard work of Li Zhang and Yingqi Tang. The Committee would alsowant to congratuate Xiaojie Duan, the new Vice President of the CALA Southeast Chapter, and is looking forward to her willingness to serve.

CALA Southeast Chapter covers several states and members should have chances to meet, even online, the Committee hopes that our new Vice President can work together with other Chapter members and help each other, thus to build a nicer professional group in the future.