2014-2015 Officers


Yingqi Tang, Houston Cole Library, tang@jsu.edu

Vice President



Ying Zhang, ying.zhang@ucf.edu


Sai Deng, sai.deng@ucf.edu

Membership Officer

Huimin Lu, jjhmlu@gmail.com

Web Manager

Xiaojie Duan, xiaojie.duan@usm.edu


2014-2015 Membership Liaisons

Alabama — Yingqi Tang

Florida — Zhao Liu

Georgia — TBA

Mississipi — Xiaojie Duan

North Carolina — TBA

South Carolina — Liya Deng

Tennessee — Lin Wu

2014 News

CALA Southeast Chapter 2014 Vice President Election Result

After the CALA SE Chapter Vice President Committee sent out the election emails to 30 CALA SE Chapter members, the committee received 20 votes, 4 didn’t choose or didn’t finish, 16 voted for Xiaojie Duan, so that’s 53% support.

The Committee announced that Xiaojie Duan will be the Vice President of the CALA Southeast Chapter. The Committee also thanks very much for the hard work of Li Zhang and Yingqi Tang. The Committee would alsowant to congratuate Xiaojie Duan, the new Vice President of the CALA Southeast Chapter, and is looking forward to her willingness to serve.

CALA Southeast Chapter covers several states and members should have chances to meet, even online, the Committee hopes that our new Vice President can work together with other Chapter members and help each other, thus to build a nicer professional group in the future.


2013 News

  CALA SE Chapter 2013 Annual Program

10am – 12pm, May 17, 2013

10am Introduction (5 minutes): poster for our chapter at ALA this summer
10:10-10:30am Shuyong Jiang: My Experience with CALA 21st Century Library Program PPT
between US & China Libraries
10:30-10:40am Q & A
10:40-11am Angela Zoss: Duke University Libraries Data Visualization Program PPT
11-11:20am Sai Deng: Research Lifecycle at UCF PPT
11:20-11:35am Q & A
11:35-11:45am Luo Zhou: My role in planning for Duke Kunshan University Library PPT
11:45am-12pm Q & A and Conclusion


2012 News

2012 CALA Southeast Chapter Officer Election Result

Dear Members,

The 2012 CALA Southeast (SE) Election had been held from June 11, 2012 to June 25, 2012. After a careful review, the 2012 CALA Southeast (SE) Nomination and Election Committee is very pleased to declare the following election results:

27 e-ballots were generated and sent. 21 votes were cast and the participation rate was 77.8%.

Congratulations to Ying Zhang, Acquisitions Librarian at the University of Central Florida, who has been elected to be the Vice President/President-Elect (2012-2013) and Yue Xu, Web Services Librarian at the University of Memphis, who has been elected to be the Membership Officer (2012 -2014).

The 2012 CALA Southeast (SE) Nomination and Election Committee would like to thank all chapter members who participated in this online election and executed their rights to select new leaders in our chapter.

We would like to extend a special thank-you to Vincci Kwong from CALA, who kindly offered her professional support throughout our election process, from generating e-ballots to summarizing results.


CALA Southeast Chapter Nomination and Election Committee, 2012
Min Tong, Chair
Li Zhang
Luo Zhou