2017-2018 Officers

President (2017-2018) 

Yue Li, Florida State University Libraries, yli3@fsu.edu

Vice President/President-Elect (2017-2018) 

Peng Mu, Samford University, pmu@samford.edu

Past President

Sai Deng, University of Central Florida, saideng@gmail.com

Treasurer (2016-2018) 

Ximin Mi, Georgia State University, ximinmi@gmail.com

Membership Officer (2017-2018)

Tongyang Zhang, University of Alabama,  tzhang39@crimson.ua.edu

Webmaster (2017-2020)

Zhao Liu, Elling O. Eide Center,   hliu@ellingoeide.org

Announcement–CALA Southeast Chapter 2018 Officer Election Result

Dear CALA Southeast Chapter members,

The 2017 CALA Southeast Chapter Nomination Committee would like to announce that the Southeast Chapter has finished its election for two officer positions, and the election result is attached to this email.

The CALA Web Committee sent out election ballots via email to 32 members. The result we received indicates that there are 11 votes for each position, thus a 34.4% support for each.

According to the CALA Bylaws, Article VII, Section 4, “The nominee who receives the largest number of votes for any office shall be elected.” Therefore, the result is valid and the new officers shall start their service term immediately.

The Nomination Committee would like to announce that Jia He is the 2018-2019 Vice President/President-Elect, and Xiying Mi is the 2018-2020 Treasurer. Congratulations to both candidates!

Thank you everyone who participated in the election!

2018 CALA Southeast Chapter Nomination Committee:

Sai Deng, Chair                 saideng@gmail.com

Peng Mu                              pmu@samford.edu

Ximin Mi                             ximinmi@gmail.com

Tongyang Zhang      tzhang39@crimson.ua.edu

Zhao Liu                       zhaoliu2010@gmail.com

CALA SE Chapter 2018 Call for Nomination

Dear CALA Southeast Chapter members,

Three chapter officer positions are available starting from July 1, 2018. It is a good opportunity for you to volunteer or nominate someone to work at the chapter-level, and help build professional services for our chapter members.

The three positions are listed below. Please refer to the attached document for position descriptions:

                Vice President/President-Elect           2018-2019

                Membership Officer                                 2018-2019

                Treasurer                                                      2018-2020

Current CALA members in good standing of the Southeast Chapter are eligible to nominate. Self-nomination is encouraged. A statement, including a biography and a willingness to serve (in 300 words or less) is required for nomination.

Please submit nomination/self-nomination to the Nomination Committee by June 22, 2018.

Thank you for your participation!

Cordially from the 2018 CALA SE Chapter Nomination Committee:

Sai Deng, Chair                 saideng@gmail.com

Peng Mu                              pmu@samford.edu

Ximin Mi                             ximinmi@gmail.com

Tongyang Zhang             tzhang39@crimson.ua.edu

Zhao Liu                              zhaoliu2010@gmail.com

CALA Southeast Chapter 2018 Annual Program

Dear CALA SE Chapter Members,

As we have planned, we will have our annual virtual meeting at 11:00 EST on May 31. 2018.   You can get into  the meeting room 30 min. earlier to set up your system right.

We will have two presentations and I hope you will be interested in them.

Oral History in a Digital World: The Memory Project at Duke     by   Luo Zhou     Duke Univ.

Mobile AAPs Assisted Metadata Creation :  A New Generation Catalog ??   by   Yue Li   Florida State Univ.

The meeting will last around 1 hour and after the two presentations, there will be Q&A session around 12:00 noon.

Looking forward to your participating.

Yue Li