Hope you’re safe and sound after the hurricane!

Hope everyone has survived Hurricane Matthew without too much difficulty!

Just would like to update on a few things:
– Our first fall program was held on September 23, 2016, 1:30-4pm, at Olin Library, Rollins College, Orlando, FL. As you all know, this year, our theme is “Visiting a Library, a Museum or a Cultural Institution in Your City” and “Discovering Chinese Images, Representations and Heritage.” The Orlando meeting had a good turn out of about 20 people onsite and online. We had some wonderful speakers and fascinating presentations. Please check out the photos of the event including some slides pictures at CALA’s Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/281336511932864/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1139435592789614

The slides and program information from this event have been archived in CALA Academic Resources & Repository System (CALASYS) at: http://ir.cala-web.org/items/browse?tags=CALA+Southeast+Chapter+2016+Fall+Program+%28Orlando%29

I’d like to thank all our speakers and participating members, including Wenxian, Zhao (Liu), Min and Ying, who have helped to make this event possible!

– Zhao Liu, Librarian at the Elling O. Eide Charitable Foundation would like to invite everyone to visit the center, its library and collections (http://www.ellingoeide.org/research-library) in Sarasota. Its collection focuses on “decorative pieces from the Chinese and Japanese medieval period and includes a large assemblage of ornate scrolls.” Please check the site out for detailed information. She also made a presentation in our first fall program which can be accessed at: http://ir.cala-web.org/items/show/71

– Please keep an eye on forthcoming chapter programs! We expect to hold more gatherings in Atlanta and Alabama.

Thank you and will be in touch again!



CALA Southeast Chapter Officers

Sai Deng, President, University of Central Florida, saideng@gmail.com

Yue Li, Vice President/President-Elect, Florida State University Libraries, yli3@fsu.edu

Xiaojie Duan, Immediate Past President, University of Southern Mississippi Libraries, xiaojie.duan@usm.edu

Ximin Mi, Treasurer, Georgia State University, ximinmi@gmail.com

Peng Mu, Membership Officer, Samford University, pmu@samford.edu